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Immigrating to a new country and adapting oneself to the new lifestyle, culture, and people has never been an easy task. Canada being a land of opportunity, many prefer and look forward to migrating to this beautiful country. To migrate to Canada we all know that every person needs to understand their eligibility criteria and take up their eligibility test, which will qualify the applicant to apply for their PR status. Applicants try to do their best to secure a high score to get through their immigration process without any hassles. Most of the applications get through without any problems. There have been a few cases when an eligible application might get rejected even after submitting all the necessary documents. Although an applicant might have a high score, still, their application can get rejected by immigration. If a person whose visa, permit, or immigration application is not accepted, we need to understand a couple of things. The citizenship and immigration Canada (CIC) refuse an application, it is not always that they provide the full reasons for the refusal, but this does not close all the doors. An applicant can apply for and receive a detailed report for CIC’s rejection of the application. 


Not all applications get rejected, but on medical grounds, an application can get rejected. The other reasons for rejection could be incomplete police clearance from the home country or if a person has any criminal records against them. If all these do not hold good for you, then incomplete documentation or in case you have missed the submission

deadline could also put your application on the rejection list. It is always mandatory to know the eligibility requirements and to check if you will fit in it. The next step is to have all the documents and the applications thoroughly checked, before submitting your application. When applying for a PR status you must have sufficient financial backup to sustain and documents to prove it. Even over a piece of trivial missing information, your application can get rejected. 


Students applying for a study permit must submit a completed application with all the required documents to process their Permits. The CIC can refuse a study permit on the grounds of financial insufficiency, inadequate travel history, or lack of career opportunities in the home country. Even lack of family ties in the home country could stand as a reason for refusing a study permit. 


When an application gets rejected, it does not mean you cannot apply again or reapply for your permit. In case an applicant’s visa or permit has been refused, they can request a detailed report from CIC asking for the reason for the rejection of the application. Whether the applicant is outside Canada or inside, it does not matter. The applicant can file an access to information request or privacy act request and can be submitted online. They will receive a complete report from CIC with the reason by E-mail within 30 days. 

It is always best to get the complete and detailed reason before reapplying or taking the next step. CIC’s detailed report will contain the reason for refusal. An application might have got rejected over a trivial piece of missing information or mistake, which can be corrected when applying the next time. If it is a trivial mistake that can be rectified, you can request for reconsideration of your application. The other option is moving it legally. However, it is always best to stay correct by ensuring you provide the right information and file all the necessary documents, then the chance of refusal will be negligible. 

- preethee rayen