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Canada has been a country that welcomes visitors as well as immigrants with open arms. Before the pandemic, traveling to Canada was always an experience. Many international travelers traveled to Canada to tour the beautiful country of Canada and the others to visit families and friends or perhaps to take a drive across the borders to see the Canadian side of Niagara Falls or The CN Tower. These landmarks are one of the most beautiful scenes and the most visited attractions by tourists. Canada has a lot of scenic beauties, picturesque Landscapes, mountains, and busy cities.  There are much more attractions, but that was before the pandemic hit. Now, though these attractions are still up and running, there are many rules and regulations to follow as tourists in Canada, earlier it was once able to be enjoyed freely, but now everyone has to move cautiously and remain safe.

Canada is one of the best destinations for traveling on an adventure. Whether it is skiing and snowboarding, going to the beaches, Banff national park & Rockies, visiting Parliament Hill, and many more attractions. Travelers who like the great outdoors will find everything they need in Canada. Some of the most preferred travel destinations are Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Quebec City. These are perfect destinations to be explored.  Each of these destinations has a lot to offer food, entertainment, and scenic landscapes. 

One of the best and must-see tourist attractions in Canada is Niagara Falls. It is Canada’s most famous natural attraction, brings in millions of visitors each year. Before the pandemic, there used to be many tourists flying to Canada to see the massive Niagara fall. Hoping this will normalize soon.

Canada’s Covid-19 situation has improved a lot in recent days. Although the situation has been improving, yet the health officials have been warning that the country is entering the fourth wave because the cases are beginning to rise in many parts of the country. Canada currently has been recording an average of 2,000 COVID-19 patients per day.

Fully vaccinated international travelers are allowed to enter Canada beginning September 7.  Fully vaccinated tourists will be permitted to enter Canada, although all the COVID-19 protocols need to be followed. The Canadian government has eased the mandatory 14-day quarantine for those arriving.

A few conditions still apply for all travelers entering Canada. Those older than five years and above flying into Canada will need to provide a negative Covid-19 PCR or RT-LAMP test conducted within 72 hours of their scheduled boarding time. Travelers that include family members and non-citizens are now permitted to enter Canada if their stay is longer than 15 days. Anyone wanting to stay less than 15 days can only enter Canada for essential purposes.

When traveling to Canada travelers must know that Masks are mandatory in most provinces, Mask mandates vary between provinces. Rules on social gatherings, indoor gathering, and traveling has been more relaxed because in the recent past cases have been going down due to people being vaccinated all over Canada. Social distancing is still mandatory in most provinces which require people to keep a distance of 6 feet apart or 2 feet apart to help control the spread of coronavirus and any variants.

 Traveling to Canada is no longer the same as before, you have to take more precautions and keep safe but you can still come to tour Canada. Canada is open to visitors and immigrants, as long as you follow the COVID-19 protocols you are safe and you can enjoy your travel too.

- preethee rayen