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Gone are the days when travelers had to carry their Passport and boarding pass. With the introduction of the vaccination passport, travelers will need to take their Vaccination Passport along. Those not wanting to lose another summer without traveling, then vaccination passport might be the only way. Vaccination passports will soon become the gateway for travelers across the globe. 

The Vaccination passport has a lot of advantages. Many countries are seriously working to introduce and implement digital vaccination certificates or passports. It will help to reduce the quarantine time for the people traveling from one country to another. This approach will be welcomed by those who have got themselves vaccinated. 

Canada has still not opened up for travelers. Even for those who have been vaccinated. If you fall under the exempted category and are permitted to travel, you will need to follow the rules. A negative Covid -19 test at the time of entering the country and a 14-day quarantine is mandatory. Those traveling by air will have to stay under hotel quarantine for three days. The Vaccine passport is still a highly debated topic not only in Canada but also in other countries. 

Vaccination for travelers is not new, especially for those traveling from an endemic country or for those on a long period of travel. They have to be vaccinated.

Covid-19 pandemic had shut the doors for travelers. As tourism is slowly beginning to open up for travelers, those looking forward to a vacation crossing international borders might have to be vaccinated. Those vaccinated will still need to wear a mask and maintain social distancing. 

Many countries are waiting to open up for travelers. If you want to travel in the future, you will need to get vaccinated. Tourism has taken a hit like other segments, after a year and a half tourism is trying to slowly open up, inviting tourists to visit and explore their country. Currently, vaccination passport has not yet been made mandatory globally, however, there are a few countries positively looking at implementing it. At the moment traveling to any country requires a negative Covid 19 test. 

The introduction of the Vaccine passport might help to bring back normal life, as well it will encourage people to get their vaccination shots. Bringing back life to normal will also help the countries to get back their fallen economies.  

- preethee rayen