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Canada is a country with magnificent landscapes, warm-hearted people, and a high standard of living has been one of the most preferred destinations by the immigrants. Canada offers enormous benefits for the citizens and permanent residents like medical benefits, employment opportunities, and the best education. 

There are great opportunities for highly skilled workers in Canada. The technological boom has created a demand for IT professionals. The earning opportunities are tremendous with a variety of career opportunities in this segment. IT is one of the segments which has been growing fast since 2018 and even in 2021 there is a great demand especially programming and development are growing in demand. IT professionals in Canada are well paid. Their average earnings are $81,000 per annum. Next to the IT sector, it is the medical profession which is also in great demand and doctors are one of the top paid professionals in Canada. Every profession is respected in this country. Those in the field of Engineering, Medicine, Law, and IT segments are in demand and highly paid. 

Director of Information Technology: One of the main responsibilities includes managing information technology strategies. A candidate with a Master’s degree in management and technology to be eligible for this position of Information Technology Manager. Their remuneration per annum is about $200,000 – $203,000 Canadian dollars.

Surgeons: Doctors are well respected and well paid too. Surgeons are paid even higher than a physician. Surgeons irrespective of the department they belong, be it vascular, neurological, gynecologist, or even dental they are one of the highest-paid in Canada. A qualified and well-experienced surgeon would earn anywhere between $340,000-$380,000 annually. 

Psychiatrist: In today’s stressful world, many need psychiatric treatment. A psychiatric doctor is a specialist in treating people with mental distress or health. A psychiatrist needs to assess both the mental health and physical health aspects of the patient. An experienced psychiatrist earns around $250,000 – $290,000 per year. 

Petroleum engineers: Their key responsibilities would include studying, discover, produce and explore gas deposits. They will need to be involved in the planning, design, development, and supervision of projects related to oil wells. The Petroleum Engineers earn about $208,000 annually. 

Lawyer: Be it immigration problems, getting married, or even getting a divorce one needs a lawyer. Whether the problem is civil, family or criminal lawyer has a key role to play to help a person. The lawyer will help to defend their client in many ways, including advising them. Large organizations or business houses will usually have an in-house lawyer who will usually take care of all legal issues. A Canadian law degree is a must to practice and is also required to write and clear the bar exam. Their annual earnings is about $190,000- $192,000.

Apart from these professions, there are a lot of sectors that pay well. Doctors, Dentists, Engineers, Judges, Scientists, and more. A person holding a Master’s degree or higher in the relevant field and having experience in the same earns handsomely.

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