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The year 2021 looks a little promising for the employers as well as the employees. As Canada is on the road to recovery from the COVID -19 pandemic, many offices have slowly begun to roll up their shutters and looking at welcoming their employees back to work. All those business houses that cannot comply with the health and safety regulations have allowed a few of their employees to work from home using their office tools. Canada will slowly be easing up on the health and safety regulation once there is a total decline in COVID-19 cases and most of the population gets vaccinated.

COVID-19 had impacted many people across the globe, Canada is no exception either. Many people were laid-off due to the pandemic. A few people had their usual work hours been cut short and with their pay and perks been reduced. The opening of businesses is sure to bring great relief amongst the population and those who have been laid off can look forward to getting back to their same old job or will be able to find a new one.  COVID-19 has also helped people and businesses to manage remotely making good use of the technology and the digital world. For those with specialized and strong skill sets, there is a job for you.


People with high skill sets and good communication, tech-savvy and sound technical knowledge stand a better chance in 2021 and have a higher opportunity in the job market.

- Preethee