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For those of you who love animals and wildlife, Canada has a lot to offer. Qualified veterinarians are in great demand in Canada. They are eligible to get a Permanent Residency under the Federal skilled worker immigration program. 

The veterinary profession is one of the oldest professions and was officially introduced in Canada in 1791, the same year as the province of Canada East was founded. 

Veterinary jobs in Canada are widely spread in the provinces due to the high demand for animal needs. Canadians possess a large portion of livestock, pets, and wildlife, which increase the demand for vets. A job of a veterinarian goes beyond just treating a sick animal alone. Unless there is true love for animals, establishing the bond between the veterinarian and the animal is difficult. A person who truly likes animals can communicate with domesticated animals as well as those in the wild. The opportunities in Canada for animal lovers are enormous. A veterinarian can immigrate to Canada as an Avian Veterinarian, Animal Pathologist, Equine Veterinarian, Farm Veterinarian, Veterinary Dentist, Preventive Medicine Veterinarian, Zoo Veterinarian, Veterinary Radiologist, physiologist, microbiologist, Animal Laboratory Veterinarian, and more. 

Opportunities as a Veterinarian

The Pandemic has created more job opportunities for veterinarians, as there are a lot of pet vets and wildlife vets required to take care of the animals. 

A veterinarian can find a lot of opportunities in Canada and its province. Apart from being an animal physician or a surgeon, there are wide opportunities in this field. Even in the lab as an animal microbiologist, in the pharmacy as an animal pharmacologist, in a laboratory veterinarian. One can serve in the wildlife hospital as a wildlife veterinarian too. 

Veterinarians can work in equine treating horses and donkeys. Others may operate with farm animals grown for human consumption as animal food doctors. These vets that work with food animals specialize in food standards and inspections. They examine livestock for diseases that can be passed from animals to humans. Veterinary specialists are those who have undergone extensive training in a particular field of veterinary science. These specialties are surgical, dental, anesthesia, emergency treatment, nourishment, exercise science, toxicology, and preventive services.

Canada is a country that has and offers a variety of job opportunities for a veterinarian.

Requirements to immigrate and practice

To immigrate and secure a job in Canada, you must be a qualified and certified veterinarian in your home country, which should match with the Canadian veterinarian. You should possess a certificate stating you are qualified from the National Examining Board. License. 


There has always been a growing demand in Canada for veterinarians. People love animals and love to groom, take care and keep them healthy. The increased demand is logical because people love treating their animals and pets. Canadians spend extensively on their pets, resulting in increased demand for veterinary care. The need for veterinary services explains why the annual salary for an average veterinarian in America is between 100000 dollars and 160000 dollars.

The veterinary work in Canada is the best job someone can secure despite the requirements. 

- preethee rayen