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Canada is a country with many opportunities and a Country that warmly welcomes immigrants from across the globe. In the past years, many American citizens and US (United States) residents have successfully immigrated to Canada, although it has not been an easy step. Migrating from one country to another has never been an easy task, when there is a promising future, it is worth the effort!

Many residents who are not a Citizen of the US have started immigrating to Canada since there are many benefits offered in Canada for the residents. Migrants are accepted more in Canada than in any other country in the world. Compared to the United States the working hours are lesser. The citizens and PR holders need not worry about their medical expenses as the country offers excellent and Free health care. Canada has a lot to offer, especially those seeking a career, job opportunities are plenty. It houses the world’s top universities and a very peaceful country.

There are many programs for those seeking to immigrate to Canada from the USA. Express Entry is one of the programs which helps to select the candidates for the permanent residence programs. The candidate needs to be eligible under any one of the programs, Federal economic immigration programs, The Federal Skilled Worker Program, The Federal Skilled Trades Program, The Canadian Experience Class. Each program has its criteria and Express Entry System also can help you to understand which one you may be eligible for.

Those seeking immigration from the USA to Canada will have to submit an Express Entry profile to the immigration, Refugees, and the Citizenship Canada, the government department that processes applications. The candidate will be assessed on their eligibility based on the information provided by them including their work history, language ability including their listening, spoken, and written skills in English and French. Based on the CRS scores they can get nominated. IRCC usually invites the candidates with the top score to complete their application and submit.

Since the last decade, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of migrants from the US to Canada. Most of them have settled in Ontario and a few in Alberta, Quebec, and British Columbia.

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