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Recently, there has been an increase in international students seeking permanent residence in Canada. Each student yearns for a quality and affordable education system which extends the professional network. As a result, students require a conducive learning environment equipped with basic facilities to enhance skills acquisition. There are various reasons and approved strategies that encourage international students to remain in the country they have studied. Permanent residency in a country like Canada has plenty of benefits, which the global learners desire due to the limited opportunities in their original countries. With the instituted government policy, international students become eligible to apply and become permanent residents after finishing their studies. These conditions encourage most international students to apply for permanent residence for self-benefit.

The economic costs, opportunities, availability of job networks, and multicultural status of the country form the common reasons triggering international students to apply for PR.

First, the favorable policies and laws initiate international students to apply for permanent residency. The express entry allows top graduates to apply for permanent residency. This program is federally sponsored, and having its profile guarantees immigrating students to continue working as experienced and competent workers. Other programs such as working as students also motivate them to fill the PR forms to continue with the specific jobs even after graduation. Many students permanently relocate to the immigrated countries so, they won’t lose the job opportunities they have acquired while studying since such opportunities are limited in developing countries. Generally, students immigrate to other countries to benefit from the instituted policies while still doing their studies.

The provision of special programs such as post-graduation work permit encourages students to seek permanent residence. This program allows graduates to stay and work while gaining experiences through the work permit. From this perspective, permanent residency enables international learners to extend the duration of work experience while still applying for permanent employment. In Canada, students with experiences have high opportunities of being retained in the economic immigration program from the federal government. As a result, students may end up becoming permanent residents so they can access such federal programs and services. Generally, the availability of immigration options initiates international students to seek permanent residence to continue benefitting from the offered programs from the federal government.

           In addition, the availability of economic opportunities forms among the reasons triggering international students to seek PR. Due to their experience in job positions and their permanent residency in the country, international learners are able to work well while they are there. Also, the desire to retain and extend the job network initiate students to immigrate permanently. Reasonably, some students come from countries with limited job opportunities; hence job placement is slow. On an eagle’s eye view the economic opportunities, including professional networks, motivate international learners to immigrate. The different favorable conditions such as federal policies and job experiences encourage international learners to remain in immigrated countries even after graduation. Ideally, students fear losing the economic programs and opportunities offered since they are limited in developing countries. The availability of financial options during the learning period initiates international students to remain in those countries and acquire more experiences in the professional field. The federal government strategies encourage and attract more students to be residents of a country even after graduation. A country with fair policies attracts more students to immigrate to the land; for instance, Canada allows students to work while progressing. Students can access the expedited processing through direct student streaming. 

- preethee rayen