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The road ahead is never an easy path for newcomers in any country. Canada is neither an exception. Getting employment as a newcomer in Canada might be equally challenging due to the new experiences. Changes in the labor market due to the pandemic have made job searching all the more difficult. However, navigating through this challenge as a newcomer requires a lot of patience, learning how to network for more opportunities, polishing your resume, targeting specific job opportunities that suit your specialty are few things to keep in mind.

One of the fundamental requirements to successfully secure an interview for a job opportunity is a resume. Canadian resumes are in a traditional format. Most employers prefer reading relevant highlights. It is mandatory to prioritize highlighting work experiences more than listing the jobs you have done in the past. Newcomers must understand the importance of tailoring their resumes to fit each job opportunity they apply for. Although there are debates all over Canada on the use of cover letters, attaching a letter with the resume is also important because it adds to the experience. Polishing a resume raises the chances to get an interview because it displays the desire to work for that organization or employer.

Secondly, newcomers should understand their passion and target job opportunities that suit their specialty. Canadian sites post many jobs frequently. But as a newcomer, one should refrain from applying for each opportunity they come across. Combing through all of them and identifying the best fit for the experience raises more chances to get a job because of the best qualifications and experience. 

Lastly, networking is the key to more job opportunities. Newcomers must learn ways to expand their networks which will help to get more job opportunities. One could find jobs on social media sites like Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. Newcomers must understand that it is not all about dumping their resumes on these sites. Professionally presenting the resume and highlighting the achievements will help to attract recruiters. Keeping the connection while maintaining professional postings in one’s field is a path to networking with potential recruiters and Canadian employers. 

In conclusion, newcomers must reach out to individuals in their field to stay in connection and network. In Canada, it is always necessary to keep abreast of the latest updates through podcasts, people, and the media. An experience certificate or letter from the previous employer will benefit to secure the job along with a reference for you. With requirements and qualifications in your field, it will be easy to connect with people and get job opportunities.

- preethee rayen