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Canada is a land of opportunities and for those proficient in both English and French, and in addition if you are a skilled worker then the opportunities are enormous. Canada being multicultural and most of the people in Canada are bilingual, they speak both English and French fluently. Over 90 percent of the population speak French. Communicating in French not only serves as an advantage and benefit the French citizens alone, but also the other French speaking nationals. 


The immigration process will take you through a Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) which will be based on certain factors such as education qualification, work experience, age and language skills. If you know French and English this will help you to earn more points. Especially if you are proficient in all the language abilities which includes reading, writing, listening and speaking.  You can earn up to 50 points if you are fluent in French. Ensure that your language tests are valid when you apply for your Permanent Residency else your application will get rejected. Only the Test d’Évaluation de Français is the profiency exam recognized by the government of Canada. A top score in your language test is a gateway to Canada through the Express Entry. For all those looking forward to immigrate to Canada, make sure to sharpen your language skills as this is going to be the gateway to Canada. 

- preethee rayen