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The covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected life and business globally. We have already begun marching into an unknown future earlier but have made it more familiar in recent times. During the pandemic, every passing day was like a decade and making us wonder whether we will see any light at the end of the tunnel. The pandemic had made many businesses pull down their shutters permanently, while a few businesses flourished even during the pandemic. The rest have learned to cope with the circumstances creatively. Despite suffering severe losses due to the pandemic, many industries have slowly begun to recover, including airlines, hotels, and retail stores. There is positive growth in some industries, including those manufacturing personal protective equipment, business revitalization undertakings, and body fitness activities, and there are ample career opportunities. Medical suppliers and distributors have played a crucial role during the pandemic. Apart from the elaborate wares used by the frontline workers who directly contact the pandemic victims, policy measures have caused the rest of the public to include additional items in their constant purchases. Face masks are to be worn by every person in a public space. Hand sanitizers are mandatory at every premise that receives multiple guests constantly and is a new hygienic requirement for every person. Therefore, to satiate the market demands causes the manufacturers in the sector to increase their capacity, leading to more employment prospects. Likewise, other than the supply chain needs for protective equipment, novel occupational chances arise from the demand for strategic planning for organizations seeking to re-emerge and the new institutions gaining market entry. Presently, both long-term and short-term plans organizations put in place to define the running of their affairs have been scuttled. Some companies had to close shop, hoping for the pandemic to subside to resume their undertakings. As a result, experts who can assist in the feasibility study analysis, market forecasting methods, and development of new operational plans will be in high demand. Thus, it will be incumbent for every organization requiring such services to revamp their planning departments to realize such objectives. In today’s scenario, every individual needs to be able to work online and remotely. Thus, there is a growing need for experts in the field of information technology. IT experts are required for troubleshooting and training people. It is more of a necessity currently that staff is tech-savvy, imparted with requisite skills to handle computers efficiently, and firm operations automated. Accordingly, programmers, software managers, server controllers, and network fittings experts shall be engaged profoundly. More and more people have been confined to stay and work from home, which brings down their physical fitness and many have started becoming couch potatoes. Since many people do not want to lose their health, they are seeking guidance and assistance from fitness trainers and nutritionists. There has been a demand and growing need for fitness training, gym instruction, and aerobics professionals. With the incessant lockdown directives and home strategy adoption, more people are getting fatigued at home and need to move more. Due to reduced physical activity, most people now suffer from limited movement, making them dependent on professionals to help them get in shape, lose weight, and relieve fatigue by stretching their muscles. Therefore, the trainers have an opportunity to meet the new rising demands for their services. The pandemic has brought many businesses to a complete halt, yet many industries have boomed despite the pandemic. The job opportunities are plenty. We need to wisely research, understand, and then apply in the right place.

- preethee rayen