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Many people would have this question in mind if they will be able to return or re-enter Canada if they were deported. Most of the time it is if you follow the right protocols and regulations of the country. If you are banned or asked to leave Canada, you must have approval and Authorization to Return to Canada, ARC. This requirement depends on the type the Immigration office that removed or banned a person. Despite the strict requirements and protocol to re-enter Canada and turn on your removal terms, a Canadian Immigration Officer will permit entry when applying for a Visa or Electronic Travel Authorization.

Various types of removal dictate one’s re-entry into Canada. If one is being banned or removed from Canada, a document will be given by the immigration department which, will state the type of removal order. 

Departure Order 

Receiving a departure order requires one to leave within 30 days and get verification from an Immigration Officer at the exit. There will be a regular examination at the entry during return. Suppose one fails to verify the departure order during entrance more than 30 days after issue. In that case, the person will get an order of deportation, and they will need to apply for an Authorization Return to Canada. Re-entering Canada will not require Authorization Return to Canada if one follows this procedure of withdrawal. 

Exclusion Order

One does not require an Authorization Return to Canada if they have been issued an exclusion order and have a certificate of departure indicating that they left 12 months ago. A routine examination will be done at the entry upon return. However, if one wishes to return earlier than the 12 months of departure with an exclusion order, they must apply for an Authorization of Return to Canada. 

Deportation Order

A person subject to deportation with a deportation order must apply for an Authorization of Return to Canada. If one gets a direction to leave Canada under form IMM 1217B, returning to Canada does not require an Authorization to Return to Canada. A routine examination will be conducted at the entry upon returning to Canada. 

           Before applying for an Authorization to Return to Canada, a person must consider the reason for being issued an order of enforcement. There are requirements, terms, and conditions for staying in Canada which restrict re-entry after leaving. A good example is getting a direction or order to leave Canada illegally; one does not have substantial proof of getting legit employment. Additionally, one must also prove strong ties to their home country and ensure jobs in Canada. This evidence and respect for terms and conditions will get an officer satisfied to approve re-entry. It is not easy to get approval if one’s circumstances that led to an order of leaving have not changed at the time of return. Deportation due to criminal inadmissibility calls for illegal rehabilitation first with a Temporary Resident Permit before entering Canada again. 

           Finally, when applying for a permit in Canada, one must include all the necessary documents. These documents include a fully completed online temporary resident visa application form, two passports of not less than six months, a copy of one’s passport, a written letter with reasons for getting approval, and a processing fee. Suppose a person has a reason to re-enter Canada either, working or studying. In that case, the person should apply for Approval of Return to Canada. This step ensures that the issue is dealt with in the context of the other application. One is also required to pay processing fees despite the final decision of approval of re-entry into Canada. Moreover, a person will repay any costs that the government spent during removal from Canada if authorization is issued. 

Re-entry into Canada considers a strong reason for approval. The current situation of a person is also key to ensuring the immigration office approves into Canada. A processing fee is required during application with a complete and legible application to get an Authorization of Return to Canada issue. Depending on the reason of departure and following protocol, one is not guaranteed an issue of authorization.

- preethee rayen