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Immigrating to Canada is a giant leap and a big decision for you and your family. To have a smooth application process in getting your visa and settling down in Canada, you need to choose the right Immigration consultant to assist you through this entire process. If you ever fall, into the wrong hands, your life can come to a standstill. 

 Canadian immigration scams have been on the rise in recent times, targeting their ploy on vulnerable foreigners looking to immigrate to Canada. Although as a community we try to stand together and fight it, yet, these fraudsters are very smart and even go to the extent of having an identical website and pose as genuine immigration consultants. Always check and verify for registered Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). 

A few important tips that you should look for while trying to identify your right consultant. 


Research and find the right immigration consultant. Look for positive reviews about the consultant. Find out from friends or other people whom you know, who had already used a Canadian immigration consultant to migrated to Canada. The Canadian immigration consultant has to be registered with the ICCRC to offer Canadian immigration services for a fee. Always do your groundwork by checking with their website. 


It is easy to identify a professional consultant from a fraudulent one by going through their website. Many would claim to be an immigration consultant, when you go through their website the content would be mediocre or plagiarized. Their interest lies in making a quick buck. A genuine consultant will have relevant and necessary content on the website


Whenever an immigration consultant or anyone for that matter promises a visa or a job in Canada and pushes you to pay money, you should be on your guard and double-check their credibility. No one can promise a visa. Canadian immigration has its standard rules and all the visas are issued based on the records and supporting documents submitted by the applicant. Many a time when a visa gets rejected there might not be a specific reason.


IF you start receiving emails regarding Canadian visa application or visa process from strange email ids, then you need to on the alert, they could be spammers or unregistered agencies. People asking for credit card details over the phone or unsecured portals then you got to beware. 


Always keep abreast of the latest immigration rules of the country and also your country. Knowing the latest rules will not only keep you informed but also in a way help to keep you on your guard and away from false agencies. Do a ground check and find an immigration consultant who has a good reputation and credibility, as they will be able to give you the right advice and also be able to guide you with the right rules and regulations. 

- Preethee