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Covid-19 has brought the globe to almost a standstill. Canada has not been an exception either. The passport, citizenship, and immigration services have also taken a set back and so also the economy. As many countries have begun the vaccination campaign, Canada has been slow in rolling out the vaccines although they hope to see the majority of the Canadians vaccinated before the end of the year. Canada looks forward to a brighter 2021.


In 2019 Canada had welcomed 3,41,000 new immigrants and looked forward to welcoming more in 2020, however, the global setback due to the pandemic had forced a slowdown. Canada has been no exception and has imposed travel restriction due to Covid-19 pandemic, since March 18th, 2020. Limiting the entry to nationals and fewer foreign nationals. The Provincial Nominee program, The Express Entry, and few other immigration services are functional despite the pandemic.


With the emergence of the vaccine, Canada might ease the travel restrictions on all those who carry a certificate of having vaccinated and a negative COVID-19 report. This might also slowly help the country to get back to normalcy with an increase in the flow of new immigrants and help to boost the country’s economy. Canada began its vaccination campaign in December 2020 and hopes to complete it by end of 2021.


As we begin to look forward to the New year hoping the Covid-19 crisis would end and we could look ahead to more promising immigration programs in 2021, the new strains of the virus seem to have left the world once again in uncertainty. Despite all hurdles, the Canadian Immigration is optimistic this year and has a bouquet of programs planned for 2021 and beyond. One thing is certain that, for all those who were looking forward to completing the family by inviting their parents and grandparents, IRCC has announced that the parents and grandparents lottery, which was planned for 2020 would be open in early 2021. Those who have been eagerly waiting to sponsor your parents and grandparents here is your chance. 10,000 application will be invited to submit their sponsorship application to bring their parents and grandparents to Canada. Canada has aimed to welcome over 400,000 immigrants between 2021 and beyond every year. 

Let us be optimistic and hope for a brighter and healthy 2021!!

- Preethee