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 The key to your entry lies in how strong, complete and authentic your immigration application is. A few things that can help you make your application strong, which will leave you with less chance of your application being refused or rejected. Ensure the application is complete, strong and persuasive.


By filling all the fields in the application correctly and if you are able to provide the supporting documents, then there is very less chance of your application being refused. However there are people who tend to fill everything rightly but their bank statement might not hold their name, these might sound trivial, yet this could lead to the refusal or rejection of your application. Always double check that application is filled and in case you are unable to provide certain supporting owing to the current COVID 19 situation, mention it clearly.


We do not stop at just ensuring the application is complete, but need to ensure that the supporting documents are strong enough, which will help to complete the application and make it strong. Many times a visa officer can refuse an application and not in every case that they would be mentioning the exact reason for refusing an application. Due to lack of proper supporting documents, they can refuse an application. In case there is no picture of the married couple in the marriage certificate the application can be rejected.

In a visa application, the applicant needs to prove that they meet with the program criteria and provide sufficient evidence. The documents provided by the applicant as well as the supporting documents needs to meet the criteria for the decision maker to accept the application.


Apart from the information provided by the applicant, the officer can also verify the information through relatives, spouse, family and co-workers. In case, there is any discrepancy in the information provided by the applicant then the officer can return the application. It is always best to carefully review the application and ensure the application is persuasive.

- Preethee