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It is always going to be hard to say goodbye to your loved ones, friends, and the country that was your home for over a few decades. As you enter the aircraft with a bag of mixed emotions and land in a new country where you hardly know anyone, it is not going to be easy, but it is not impossible to cope with the situation and get accustomed to the new place, which will become your home from now on.


Initially, when we move into a new country, we will be very excited for the first few days to a month, and slowly as loneliness starts to creep in, we will begin to feel low and begin to feel homesick. These types of behavior and emotions are common amongst newcomers. You can overcome this by engaging in hobbies, making new friends and socializing, or even explore the country. Learn to move out of your comfort zone and explore the world. These will help to beat the blues and cope with the newfound home. Make it a point to call your loved ones every day. Share your excitement about the new place. It will help to overcome homesickness.


Before entering a new country, it is always best to know about the country. Learn the language that is spoken, the cuisines, explore the new restaurants, and look for restaurants that make food that is familiar to you. Good and tasty food will make you feel comfortable. These places might help you make new friends. Go out and familiarize yourself with your neighborhood. Write a list of places to explore, strike out as you visit each of them.


It is always good to be with two or more people, rather than being alone and feeling left out. Try to find the social groups in your city and join them. Even social media has many groups that might be of help to you. Hang out with your co-workers. You might have a friend’s friend in the City; try to extend your friends’ circle. Make it a habit to write a diary and share your day. Sometimes it will help you feel better.

These are usually the initial hiccups faced by people when we move into a new country, without having friends or families around. These are sure to fade away as you mix in the crowd and soon will realize that this is home.

Welcome to CANADA!!!!!

- Preethee