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Students who arrive in Canada for the first time from other countries usually tend to face many challenges. They need to cope with the cultural shock, the climate, new place, people, and lifestyle. With the current state of the pandemic, it is more challenging due to the various additional changes. The pandemic has changed education delivery, which might be hard for new students in Canada due to the uncertainties. Canada offers some of the best services that ensure immigrants settle in new houses, find jobs, and improve their language. The government funds these programs, and they vary provincially. Although it is overwhelming to settle and navigate the new school system in a Canadian school in the best of time, there are several tips for a smooth transition for newcomers.

Firstly, a new student should leverage helpful and professional resources for comfort and safety. One must consider where they live because of the choice of in-person classroom or online learning. Finding a hostel or a temporary apartment may be the best location to favor the new schooling. Some provinces have adjusted to face-to-face and online learning, while other schools have not committed to options due to the hope of things returning to normal. Ontario is committed to both options, while Quebec and Nova Scotia hope to return to classrooms. A newcomer should be aware of any updates on changes in their new school or universities to keep up-to-date information and any potential adjustments. For an option on virtual learning, a newcomer student should be aware of any technical difficulties that may hamper a successful learning process. It will ensure awareness of any challenges and look for possible solutions to the new system.

Secondly, newcomers need to follow the new system’s routine to reduce anxiety. This will help them what to expect daily. For international students, Canada has programs that ensure new students settle favorably, for instance, healthcare plans. One needs to have details through research in advance to know how the new school is and how to adjust to the new routine quickly. Transport information, lunch issues, class schedule, and other concerns ensure a better school routine adjustment. After learning about the new pattern, the student should provide a constant and consistent routine to get them started well in a new system.

Thirdly, a new student in Canada should check with their institution to purchase all the required and essential items. Most Canadian schools and universities have departments, which ensure that new students have a minimal challenge in settling. For international students, they have to enroll in language programs first before starting their learning. A new student must have all the necessary school supplies like books, calculators, and binders to reduce anxiety. A new student should adjust and accept the essential tech items and a reliable internet connection for the virtual classes. This will give them confidence and a sense of belonging in the new institution. Having all the essential supplies for the class will help new students feel like they have their space, and it will help to build their excitement to cope with the new environment and reduce the peer pressure, helping them to settle fast. 

New students settle well when they feel involved in the new system; adopting a new routine requires new friends, engaging in recent group events, student clubs, and above all, following the new pattern. International students must choose their location very well or settle in the school hostels for easy adjustment. With the many departments that offer professional support in Canadian schools, new students should utilize professional help to settle in well—tips for coping as a newcomer requires extra effort to get along well. Adapting to a new culture, especially in a country abroad, may challenge new students, which calls for mental preparation to navigate new things and culture shock.

- preethee rayen