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Living together as a family is a blessing! When children are adopted the adoptive parents many times have a lot of questions.  Whether the adopted child will get citizenship or not? In a country like Canada, which values family bonding and relationship. The adoptive child can apply and get citizenship if one of the adoptive parents is a citizen of Canada. Initially, children need to get their Permanent Residency. It will entitle them to complete the process of naturalization. The next process will be for applying for citizenship.


Adoptive children below the age of 18 years are entitled to citizenship if either of the adoptive parents is a citizen of Canada either by birth or naturalization. It applies to children who are not existing citizens of Canada. Adoption should not be done for the sake of citizenship alone or as a route to bypass the immigration procedure. Adoption should be cleared and must follow all the international rules and also adhere to the international adoption policy too.

Adopting a child under the age of 18 or even over the age of 18, the basic rule should be, in the best interest of the child. There should be a positive vibe between the adoptive parents and the child.  Adoption should be according to the laws of the country of the adoptive child+ and the laws of the country where the adoptive parents reside and hold residency.


Even before deciding on adopting a child from another country, ensure to check with the central adoption authority in your province or territory. You can also contact the foreign representative in Canada to check if adoption is permitted.

On completion of the adoption process, you are eligible to apply to bring your child to Canada. If one of the parents is a Canadian Citizen, then the child is entitled to enter the country using the citizenship process and for a few others, they might require to use the immigration process. You must complete the adoption process and the citizenship or immigration process before you could bring your child to Canada.


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