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A Canadian citizen or a person with a Canadian PR gets a lot of job opportunities from the United States of America (USA) and often wonders if they will be able to work in the USA after getting a PR in Canada. In most cases, it is a Yes!

A Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada has to have a job offer from an organization in the USA wherein the employer will be able to sponsor a valid work visa. Various visas are available and offered based on educational qualification, skill set, and experience. The applicant needs to have a clean police record without any criminal cases against them.


It is a temporary visa issued for foreign nationals who are professionals like doctors, engineers, accountants, and architects. This visa is usually valid for three years can be extended to a maximum of six years and not more than that. Any foreign national who holds an advanced USA degree or Master’s degree stand eligible to apply for this visa.


It is usually offered to a qualified Canadian with a “baccalaureate degree” or equivalent with a valid job offer which must be for a temporary period, but carry clear job roles and wages details is entitled to work under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The letter has to have why the candidate is eligible, the duties and wages need to be clearly mentioned. The job role offered should match the applicant’s educational qualification and also years of experience.


This visa is usually offered to an individual having an exemplary skill and has been recognized nationally or internationally for their achievements and has received national or international awards or accolades. This visa is categorized as O-1A and O-1B based on the field they belong to.

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