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International Students and PR

Recently, there has been an increase in international students seeking permanent residence in Canada. Each student yearns for a quality and affordable education system which extends the professional network. As a result, students require a conducive learning environment equipped with basic facilities to enhance skills acquisition. There are various reasons and approved strategies that encourage international students to remain in the country they have studied. Permanent residency in a country like Canada has plenty of benefits, which the global learners desire due to the limited opportunities in their original countries. With the instituted government policy, international students become eligible to apply and become permanent residents after finishing their studies. These conditions encourage most international students to apply for permanent residence for self-benefit.

The economic costs, opportunities, availability of job networks, and multicultural status of the country form the common reasons triggering international students to apply for PR.

First, the favorable policies and laws initiate international students to apply for permanent residency. The express entry allows top graduates to apply for permanent residency. This program is federally sponsored, and having its profile guarantees immigrating students to continue working as experienced and competent workers. Other programs such as working as students also motivate them to fill the PR forms to continue with the specific jobs even after graduation. Many students permanently relocate to the immigrated countries so, they won’t lose the job opportunities they have acquired while studying since such opportunities are limited in developing countries. Generally, students immigrate to other countries to benefit from the instituted policies while still doing their studies.

The provision of special programs such as post-graduation work permit encourages students to seek permanent residence. This program allows graduates to stay and work while gaining experiences through the work permit. From this perspective, permanent residency enables international learners to extend the duration of work experience while still applying for permanent employment. In Canada, students with experiences have high opportunities of being retained in the economic immigration program from the federal government. As a result, students may end up becoming permanent residents so they can access such federal programs and services. Generally, the availability of immigration options initiates international students to seek permanent residence to continue benefitting from the offered programs from the federal government.

           In addition, the availability of economic opportunities forms among the reasons triggering international students to seek PR. Due to their experience in job positions and their permanent residency in the country, international learners are able to work well while they are there. Also, the desire to retain and extend the job network initiate students to immigrate permanently. Reasonably, some students come from countries with limited job opportunities; hence job placement is slow. On an eagle’s eye view the economic opportunities, including professional networks, motivate international learners to immigrate. The different favorable conditions such as federal policies and job experiences encourage international learners to remain in immigrated countries even after graduation. Ideally, students fear losing the economic programs and opportunities offered since they are limited in developing countries. The availability of financial options during the learning period initiates international students to remain in those countries and acquire more experiences in the professional field. The federal government strategies encourage and attract more students to be residents of a country even after graduation. A country with fair policies attracts more students to immigrate to the land; for instance, Canada allows students to work while progressing. Students can access the expedited processing through direct student streaming. 

Employment Opportunities Post Pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected life and business globally. We have already begun marching into an unknown future earlier but have made it more familiar in recent times. During the pandemic, every passing day was like a decade and making us wonder whether we will see any light at the end of the tunnel. The pandemic had made many businesses pull down their shutters permanently, while a few businesses flourished even during the pandemic. The rest have learned to cope with the circumstances creatively. Despite suffering severe losses due to the pandemic, many industries have slowly begun to recover, including airlines, hotels, and retail stores. There is positive growth in some industries, including those manufacturing personal protective equipment, business revitalization undertakings, and body fitness activities, and there are ample career opportunities. Medical suppliers and distributors have played a crucial role during the pandemic. Apart from the elaborate wares used by the frontline workers who directly contact the pandemic victims, policy measures have caused the rest of the public to include additional items in their constant purchases. Face masks are to be worn by every person in a public space. Hand sanitizers are mandatory at every premise that receives multiple guests constantly and is a new hygienic requirement for every person. Therefore, to satiate the market demands causes the manufacturers in the sector to increase their capacity, leading to more employment prospects. Likewise, other than the supply chain needs for protective equipment, novel occupational chances arise from the demand for strategic planning for organizations seeking to re-emerge and the new institutions gaining market entry. Presently, both long-term and short-term plans organizations put in place to define the running of their affairs have been scuttled. Some companies had to close shop, hoping for the pandemic to subside to resume their undertakings. As a result, experts who can assist in the feasibility study analysis, market forecasting methods, and development of new operational plans will be in high demand. Thus, it will be incumbent for every organization requiring such services to revamp their planning departments to realize such objectives. In today’s scenario, every individual needs to be able to work online and remotely. Thus, there is a growing need for experts in the field of information technology. IT experts are required for troubleshooting and training people. It is more of a necessity currently that staff is tech-savvy, imparted with requisite skills to handle computers efficiently, and firm operations automated. Accordingly, programmers, software managers, server controllers, and network fittings experts shall be engaged profoundly. More and more people have been confined to stay and work from home, which brings down their physical fitness and many have started becoming couch potatoes. Since many people do not want to lose their health, they are seeking guidance and assistance from fitness trainers and nutritionists. There has been a demand and growing need for fitness training, gym instruction, and aerobics professionals. With the incessant lockdown directives and home strategy adoption, more people are getting fatigued at home and need to move more. Due to reduced physical activity, most people now suffer from limited movement, making them dependent on professionals to help them get in shape, lose weight, and relieve fatigue by stretching their muscles. Therefore, the trainers have an opportunity to meet the new rising demands for their services. The pandemic has brought many businesses to a complete halt, yet many industries have boomed despite the pandemic. The job opportunities are plenty. We need to wisely research, understand, and then apply in the right place.

How to succeed in getting a job in Canada as a newcomer

The road ahead is never an easy path for newcomers in any country. Canada is neither an exception. Getting employment as a newcomer in Canada might be equally challenging due to the new experiences. Changes in the labor market due to the pandemic have made job searching all the more difficult. However, navigating through this challenge as a newcomer requires a lot of patience, learning how to network for more opportunities, polishing your resume, targeting specific job opportunities that suit your specialty are few things to keep in mind.

One of the fundamental requirements to successfully secure an interview for a job opportunity is a resume. Canadian resumes are in a traditional format. Most employers prefer reading relevant highlights. It is mandatory to prioritize highlighting work experiences more than listing the jobs you have done in the past. Newcomers must understand the importance of tailoring their resumes to fit each job opportunity they apply for. Although there are debates all over Canada on the use of cover letters, attaching a letter with the resume is also important because it adds to the experience. Polishing a resume raises the chances to get an interview because it displays the desire to work for that organization or employer.

Secondly, newcomers should understand their passion and target job opportunities that suit their specialty. Canadian sites post many jobs frequently. But as a newcomer, one should refrain from applying for each opportunity they come across. Combing through all of them and identifying the best fit for the experience raises more chances to get a job because of the best qualifications and experience. 

Lastly, networking is the key to more job opportunities. Newcomers must learn ways to expand their networks which will help to get more job opportunities. One could find jobs on social media sites like Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. Newcomers must understand that it is not all about dumping their resumes on these sites. Professionally presenting the resume and highlighting the achievements will help to attract recruiters. Keeping the connection while maintaining professional postings in one’s field is a path to networking with potential recruiters and Canadian employers. 

In conclusion, newcomers must reach out to individuals in their field to stay in connection and network. In Canada, it is always necessary to keep abreast of the latest updates through podcasts, people, and the media. An experience certificate or letter from the previous employer will benefit to secure the job along with a reference for you. With requirements and qualifications in your field, it will be easy to connect with people and get job opportunities.


Canada is a country with magnificent landscapes, warm-hearted people, and a high standard of living has been one of the most preferred destinations by the immigrants. Canada offers enormous benefits for the citizens and permanent residents like medical benefits, employment opportunities, and the best education. 

There are great opportunities for highly skilled workers in Canada. The technological boom has created a demand for IT professionals. The earning opportunities are tremendous with a variety of career opportunities in this segment. IT is one of the segments which has been growing fast since 2018 and even in 2021 there is a great demand especially programming and development are growing in demand. IT professionals in Canada are well paid. Their average earnings are $81,000 per annum. Next to the IT sector, it is the medical profession which is also in great demand and doctors are one of the top paid professionals in Canada. Every profession is respected in this country. Those in the field of Engineering, Medicine, Law, and IT segments are in demand and highly paid. 

Director of Information Technology: One of the main responsibilities includes managing information technology strategies. A candidate with a Master’s degree in management and technology to be eligible for this position of Information Technology Manager. Their remuneration per annum is about $200,000 – $203,000 Canadian dollars.

Surgeons: Doctors are well respected and well paid too. Surgeons are paid even higher than a physician. Surgeons irrespective of the department they belong, be it vascular, neurological, gynecologist, or even dental they are one of the highest-paid in Canada. A qualified and well-experienced surgeon would earn anywhere between $340,000-$380,000 annually. 

Psychiatrist: In today’s stressful world, many need psychiatric treatment. A psychiatric doctor is a specialist in treating people with mental distress or health. A psychiatrist needs to assess both the mental health and physical health aspects of the patient. An experienced psychiatrist earns around $250,000 – $290,000 per year. 

Petroleum engineers: Their key responsibilities would include studying, discover, produce and explore gas deposits. They will need to be involved in the planning, design, development, and supervision of projects related to oil wells. The Petroleum Engineers earn about $208,000 annually. 

Lawyer: Be it immigration problems, getting married, or even getting a divorce one needs a lawyer. Whether the problem is civil, family or criminal lawyer has a key role to play to help a person. The lawyer will help to defend their client in many ways, including advising them. Large organizations or business houses will usually have an in-house lawyer who will usually take care of all legal issues. A Canadian law degree is a must to practice and is also required to write and clear the bar exam. Their annual earnings is about $190,000- $192,000.

Apart from these professions, there are a lot of sectors that pay well. Doctors, Dentists, Engineers, Judges, Scientists, and more. A person holding a Master’s degree or higher in the relevant field and having experience in the same earns handsomely.

Moving from the USA to Canada

Canada is a country with many opportunities and a Country that warmly welcomes immigrants from across the globe. In the past years, many American citizens and US (United States) residents have successfully immigrated to Canada, although it has not been an easy step. Migrating from one country to another has never been an easy task, when there is a promising future, it is worth the effort!

Many residents who are not a Citizen of the US have started immigrating to Canada since there are many benefits offered in Canada for the residents. Migrants are accepted more in Canada than in any other country in the world. Compared to the United States the working hours are lesser. The citizens and PR holders need not worry about their medical expenses as the country offers excellent and Free health care. Canada has a lot to offer, especially those seeking a career, job opportunities are plenty. It houses the world’s top universities and a very peaceful country.

There are many programs for those seeking to immigrate to Canada from the USA. Express Entry is one of the programs which helps to select the candidates for the permanent residence programs. The candidate needs to be eligible under any one of the programs, Federal economic immigration programs, The Federal Skilled Worker Program, The Federal Skilled Trades Program, The Canadian Experience Class. Each program has its criteria and Express Entry System also can help you to understand which one you may be eligible for.

Those seeking immigration from the USA to Canada will have to submit an Express Entry profile to the immigration, Refugees, and the Citizenship Canada, the government department that processes applications. The candidate will be assessed on their eligibility based on the information provided by them including their work history, language ability including their listening, spoken, and written skills in English and French. Based on the CRS scores they can get nominated. IRCC usually invites the candidates with the top score to complete their application and submit.

Since the last decade, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of migrants from the US to Canada. Most of them have settled in Ontario and a few in Alberta, Quebec, and British Columbia.

Canada extends a ban on flights from India

Canada extends travel ban on passenger and business flights arriving from India. Canada had first imposed a travel ban on passenger and business flights arriving from India and Pakistan on April 22nd, 2021 for 30 days and subsequently extended the ban until June 21st, 2021. The news on Canada extending the travel ban on flights arriving from India has dampened the travel plans of many travelers. The country has extended the travel ban only for India and not Pakistan this time.

Passengers from India cannot enter Canada directly; however, they can enter the country by flying to a third country and stopping over for a period before flying to Canada. A covid-19 negative test needs to be taken from the last country of departure.

This ban is only for passenger and business flights arriving from India. The cargo flights and flights carrying medical supplies and vaccines are exempted from this ban. All the travelers entering Canada will need to be tested negative for COVID.

Passengers entering Canada will have to be tested for COVID-19 and need to stay in a government-approved hotel until they get a COVID-19 negative result. All other mandatory protocols have to be followed.

Globally countries have slowly started opening up and welcoming travelers. Canada was also looking at opening its borders but has currently extended the border restrictions until July 21st, 2021. These travel bans and border restrictions have made many put travel plans on hold.


Canada looks at opening up borders to completely vaccinated travelers soon. There has been a steady decline in the number of positive Coronavirus cases in the country. Looking at it optimistically that the number of Covid-19 cases would slowly decline globally too. Canada is preparing itself to open up its border for travelers from outside Canada by early July.

The season of summer has set with many travelers eagerly wanting to travel. Canada is looking forward to welcoming people from outside Canada. To make it easy for travelers, Canada plans to relax the quarantine rules and also scrap the three days mandatory hotel quarantine for those entering Canada from outside. It will be a boon mainly for those who are vaccinated.

The mandatory quarantine rules and travel restrictions have been in place since the first Lockdown in Canada that began in March last year. Travelers entering the country will need to provide a PCR negative test on arrival.

 The travel and international tourism sector had a big blow since the onset of the pandemic there has been a deep decline in the revenue in this sector. Opening borders will be a boost to the travel industry. Relaxing the quarantine for the residents and the travelers will help the travel industry and increase tourism steadily.

The pandemic has even stopped international travelers from traveling. Domestic tourism has witnessed a slight increase compared to the International tourism sector. Once the relaxation on quarantine comes into force this will open up the doors for the travel industry.  


Canada is a land of opportunities and for those proficient in both English and French, and in addition if you are a skilled worker then the opportunities are enormous. Canada being multicultural and most of the people in Canada are bilingual, they speak both English and French fluently. Over 90 percent of the population speak French. Communicating in French not only serves as an advantage and benefit the French citizens alone, but also the other French speaking nationals. 


The immigration process will take you through a Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) which will be based on certain factors such as education qualification, work experience, age and language skills. If you know French and English this will help you to earn more points. Especially if you are proficient in all the language abilities which includes reading, writing, listening and speaking.  You can earn up to 50 points if you are fluent in French. Ensure that your language tests are valid when you apply for your Permanent Residency else your application will get rejected. Only the Test d’Évaluation de Français is the profiency exam recognized by the government of Canada. A top score in your language test is a gateway to Canada through the Express Entry. For all those looking forward to immigrate to Canada, make sure to sharpen your language skills as this is going to be the gateway to Canada. 


Gone are the days when travelers had to carry their Passport and boarding pass. With the introduction of the vaccination passport, travelers will need to take their Vaccination Passport along. Those not wanting to lose another summer without traveling, then vaccination passport might be the only way. Vaccination passports will soon become the gateway for travelers across the globe. 

The Vaccination passport has a lot of advantages. Many countries are seriously working to introduce and implement digital vaccination certificates or passports. It will help to reduce the quarantine time for the people traveling from one country to another. This approach will be welcomed by those who have got themselves vaccinated. 

Canada has still not opened up for travelers. Even for those who have been vaccinated. If you fall under the exempted category and are permitted to travel, you will need to follow the rules. A negative Covid -19 test at the time of entering the country and a 14-day quarantine is mandatory. Those traveling by air will have to stay under hotel quarantine for three days. The Vaccine passport is still a highly debated topic not only in Canada but also in other countries. 

Vaccination for travelers is not new, especially for those traveling from an endemic country or for those on a long period of travel. They have to be vaccinated.

Covid-19 pandemic had shut the doors for travelers. As tourism is slowly beginning to open up for travelers, those looking forward to a vacation crossing international borders might have to be vaccinated. Those vaccinated will still need to wear a mask and maintain social distancing. 

Many countries are waiting to open up for travelers. If you want to travel in the future, you will need to get vaccinated. Tourism has taken a hit like other segments, after a year and a half tourism is trying to slowly open up, inviting tourists to visit and explore their country. Currently, vaccination passport has not yet been made mandatory globally, however, there are a few countries positively looking at implementing it. At the moment traveling to any country requires a negative Covid 19 test. 

The introduction of the Vaccine passport might help to bring back normal life, as well it will encourage people to get their vaccination shots. Bringing back life to normal will also help the countries to get back their fallen economies.  


A Canadian citizen or a person with a Canadian PR gets a lot of job opportunities from the United States of America (USA) and often wonders if they will be able to work in the USA after getting a PR in Canada. In most cases, it is a Yes!

A Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada has to have a job offer from an organization in the USA wherein the employer will be able to sponsor a valid work visa. Various visas are available and offered based on educational qualification, skill set, and experience. The applicant needs to have a clean police record without any criminal cases against them.


It is a temporary visa issued for foreign nationals who are professionals like doctors, engineers, accountants, and architects. This visa is usually valid for three years can be extended to a maximum of six years and not more than that. Any foreign national who holds an advanced USA degree or Master’s degree stand eligible to apply for this visa.


It is usually offered to a qualified Canadian with a “baccalaureate degree” or equivalent with a valid job offer which must be for a temporary period, but carry clear job roles and wages details is entitled to work under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The letter has to have why the candidate is eligible, the duties and wages need to be clearly mentioned. The job role offered should match the applicant’s educational qualification and also years of experience.


This visa is usually offered to an individual having an exemplary skill and has been recognized nationally or internationally for their achievements and has received national or international awards or accolades. This visa is categorized as O-1A and O-1B based on the field they belong to.